Library Support Staff Certification Program hosts Midwinter forum, blog for comments

Contact: Jenifer Grady


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For Immediate Release

January 13, 2009

The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) invites live and virtual discussion of the development of the Library Support Staff Certification Program (LSSCP), a national, voluntary certification program for library support staff. ALA-APA will host an Open Forum held at ALA Midwinter meeting in Denver, Colo., and welcomes comments on the program at the official
Briefing Document for discussion at Midwinter may be viewed at the LSSCP website and blog.

The LSSCP Open Forum will be held at the 2009 Midwinter Conference on Saturday, Jan. 24 from 10:30 a.m. till noon at the Colorado Convention Center, Room 702. Project staff members Nancy Bolt and Karen Strege, as well as members of the project’s Advisory Committee, will give a brief update on project developments, followed by an extensive question and answer session. You will have an opportunity to share your own opinions about LSSCP. No pre-registration is required.

The official LSSCP Blog, located at, also provides a forum for discussion of the project’s development. The blog currently hosts a
Briefing Document, which provides a history and summary of the project. The LSSCP Advisory Committee welcomes your comments on this briefing document (and other LSSCP documents available on the
Project Documents page of the
LSSCP website) via blog postings.

Comments may also be sent to Jamie Bragg ( or to her attention at ALA Headquarters, 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611.

Comments will be accepted by mail, e-mail or blog posting until Jan. 31, 2009, when revisions based on the comments will be made. All documents relating to LSSCP are available at

The Library Support Staff Certification Program addresses library support staff needs for a national certification program to help the profession standardize expectations for LSS; help the large number of LSS master critical job competencies; provide educators with guidance for training curriculums; and help employers articulate job requirements. For more information visit the
LSSCP website.

The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association: the Organization for the Advancement of Library Employees is a service organization to the American Library Association and has as one of its missions developing and managing national certification programs for library employees.