ACRL announces spring 2009 e-learning schedule

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January 6, 2009

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) is offering a wide variety of online learning opportunities in spring 2009 to meet the demands of your schedule and budget. Full details and registration information are available on the ACRL Web site at

ACRL online seminars are asynchronous, multi-week courses delivered through Moodle. Online seminars scheduled for spring 2009 include:

Instructional Design for Online Teaching and Learning (Feb. 2-28, 2009)

In this four week hands-on course the intellectual focus will be on using good instructional design and Web page design principles. Participants will also be introduced to Web-based Teaching techniques and materials using standard Web pages and the Moodle LMS.

Copyright and the Library, Part 1: The Basics Including Fair Use (Feb. 2 - 27, 2009)

In this course, students will learn to think in terms of U.S. copyright law. Students will focus on building understanding of current copyright law, creating a "copyright palette" for their libraries and assessing a library's legal risk with regard to current U.S. copyright law. Additionally, students will build an understanding of the Fair Use clause, as well as how to legally apply fair use in the library, classroom and broader campus environments.

Web Design and Construction for Libraries Part 1: XHTML and CSS (March 2-28, 2009)

Participants in this four-week seminar will learn how to plan, design and develop content for Web sites in an academic setting. XHTML and CSS (external) will be introduced. Participants will end the session with a completed Web site plan and design and a main Web page with at least two subpages that illustrate how the design will be implemented.

Introduction to Website Usability (March 23 - April 10, 2009)

For very little investment in staff hours and training you can reap tremendous benefits by connecting with the users of your library Web site and Web-based applications through usability testing. This three-week course is designed for librarians or library IT staff who are interested in setting up a usability program but doesn't know where to begin.

In addition, ACRL offers a variety of timely live Webcasts addressing hot topics in academic librarianship. Webcasts last from an hour and a half to two hours and take place in an interactive online classroom. Group discounts are available for all ACRL e-learning Webcasts. Spring 2009 Webcasts include:

Blended Librarianship (Design Thinking) (Jan. 13, 2009)

This Webcast examines how librarians can further integrate themselves into the instructional process at their college or university by utilizing current and emerging instructional technologies to connect with faculty and students, designing instruction to enhance learning and developing partnerships with staff from teaching and learning as well as teaching and technology centers.

The Role of the Librarian in Combating Student Plagiarism (Feb. 5, 2009)

Like other educators, librarians are aware of the growing instances of student plagiarism and academic dishonesty that take place on college campuses. Librarians frequently anecdotally discuss discipline faculty's revulsion toward the growth of student plagiarism that has seemingly grown in tandem with our society's dependence on digital texts found on the Internet. This seminar discusses strategies libraries and librarians can implement to reduce plagiarism on campus.

Information Commons 101 (Feb. 24, 2009)

Is your institution in the planning phase for a library renovation or addition that includes a space that will serve as an information or learning commons? If so, this Webcast will provide an overview of some of the key planning components you should take into consideration as you develop a program for the facility.

Registration for all ACRL e-learning events opens approximately one month prior to the start dates
. Complete details and registration information is available online at Contact Jon Stahler at or (312) 280-2511 with questions about ACRL e-learning opportunities.


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