Survey invites members to evaluate, shape ALA strategic plan

Contact: Mark Gould


ALA Public Information Office

(312) 280-5042


For Immediate Release,

February 17, 2009

CHICAGO - Members can strengthen and improve the programs and services the American Library Association (ALA) provides by participating in a member survey from Feb. 23 through March 15.

“The responses will remain confidential and help ALA evaluate its current strategic plan, guide the development of future plans and help ALA better meet the needs of all members,” said Jim Rettig, ALA President.

Every five years, ALA conducts a major evaluation of programs and services and plans for the future. “Members who participate in the survey can help ALA evaluate our progress in meeting the goals in our 2010 strategic plan and help shape our 2015 plan,” Rettig said.

To see the 2010 strategic plan, go to

“I encourage all members to respond to the survey and have a voice in their association’s future,” Rettig said.

A series of discussion forums will be held at state and regional meetings in spring and fall 2009 to solicit additional feedback.

Members can go to and log in using their seven-digit ALA member number found on their membership card as well as the mailing label of “American Libraries.”