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Jenifer Grady



For Immediate Release

April 21, 2009

A new group has joined The goal of Be a Better Manager is for colleagues to ponder how one improves managerial skills and identify the resources we all use for learning.

This community is a perfect space for managers and managers-to-be to discuss their questions, workplace situations and solutions. Group members can also give insight about formal and informal professional development opportunities (blogs, workshops, courses, programs, books and journals) that have helped them make good decisions.

Who better to ask and answer than you? Librarians from all library types are welcome. Library staff from all library types are welcome, and membership in the American Library Association (ALA) is not required to join, the Web site developed by the Public Library Association (PLA) to house Communities of Practice (CoPs), is available to librarians, library staff members and other supporters who want to take part in ongoing, focused discussions surrounding library issues. Bonnie Tollefson, retired Library Director (Fla.), is the moderator for Be a Better Manager. incorporates many common social networking and interactive components, including discussion forums; chat rooms; event calendars; custom tools that will allow CoP members to coordinate project management; and file storage and archives. will be updated with new functions as needed. As new topics and issues emerge in the library community, members are encouraged to form groups for investigation, discussion and management of projects.

Currently, is home to several active CoPs. Visit to join an existing conversation or to start a new one.