ALCTS offers wide range of preconferences in Anaheim

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February 27, 2008

ALCTS offers wide range of preconferences in Anaheim

Six exciting and highly informative preconferences are being offered by the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) at this year's ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, Calif. You can register by going to the ALA Annual Conference web site. ALCTS members pay only $199 for one day and $339 for two days, so reserve your place by registering early.

Thursday and Friday, June 26-27

Metadata and Digital Library Development (from ALCTS and the Library of Congress)

In an applied, exercise-based context, this two-day preconference introduces practicing catalogers to metadata implementation considerations and processes in a digital library development context. The preconference will prepare attendees to serve as metadata specialists in digital library projects. Presented by Jennifer Lang, Princeton University Library, and Barrie Howard, Digital Library Federation.

Thursday, June 26

Presented by Peggy Johnson, University of Minnesota, the collection development preconference is available for a morning or afternoon half-day or whole day registration.

Collection Development: Policy, Planning and Fiscal Management: Morning

Gain an understanding of the role and importance of planning, collection development policies and budgets and the budget process as essential tools in collection development and management. Participants will understand the importance of budgetary planning for collection development; collection development policy statement elements, the collection budget as a funding proposal (a forecast of future needs) and as a document for demonstrating accountability.

Collection Analysis: Assessment and Evaluation: Afternoon

Learn about the reasons for collection analysis, the types of collection analysis and how to conduct an analysis project. Understand how collection analysis benefits collections and services. Learn to evaluate collection analysis tools. Participants will take home a framework for designing a collection analysis project.

Electronic Serials Cataloging (from the SCCTP)

This one-day preconference is a basic training course for cataloging electronic serials distributed via the Web, designed for those with previous serials cataloging experience. It is based on the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR), 2nd edition, and its Library of Congress Rule Interpretation, CONSER policies and practices and the MARC21 format with regard to electronic serials cataloging. Presented by Margaret Mering from the University of Nebraska, the preconference will include instruction and hands-on experience in cataloging electronic serials.

Friday, June 27

Cataloging Cultural Objects in Libraries: A Workshop on Using the Emerging Descriptive Standard, CCO, for Cultural Works and Their Visual Images in Libraries

Cataloging Cultural Objects: A Guide to Describing Cultural Works and Their Images (CCO) is a published standard for describing, documenting and cataloging cultural works (including but not limited to paintings, prints and photographs) and their visual surrogates. This preconference will offer an overview of CCO and the evolving landscape of shareable metadata standards and will engage participants in practical exercises involving the application of CCO to the cataloging of library, archives and digital library resources. Presenters include: Murtha Baca, Getty Research Institute; Patricia Harpring, Getty Research Institute; Elizabeth O'Keefe, Morgan Library & Museum; and Jenn Riley, Indiana University.

Electronic Serials 101: What I Wished I'd Known Before I Got in Over My Head

Electronic information has come of age, yet many organizations have yet to fully appreciate the new skill set needed to successfully cope with the complex nature of electronic serials management. This one-day preconference is designed to provide survival tips for those who find themselves drowning in e-information overload. Practical issues such as workflow, organizational structure and e-management tools will be covered, as will the roles of the various players in the e-serials information chain. Presenters Include: Dan Tonkery, EBSCO; Robert Boissy, SPRINGER; Jill Emery, University of Texas, Austin; Dalene Hawthorne, Emporia State University; Tina Feick, SWETS; and Lisa Macklin, Emory University.

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