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March 25, 2008

LITA offers three workshops in Anaheim

CHICAGO - The Library and Information
Technology Association (LITA) is offering three full-day educational workshops
on Friday, June 27, in Anaheim, Calif.

IT Proficiency. Receive tools, techniques and many
ideas on ways to increase the IT proficiency of all library staff. Start with basic elements of end-user
education to promote departmental self-sufficiency. Move on to the higher level
of assisting librarians with cutting-edge technology awareness and use. Grace
Sines and Gary McCone of the National Agricultural Library and Brenda Chawner
of the University of Wellington are presenting.

Datagrid Technologies
and Libraries.
proprietary hardware lock-in on mass digitization initiatives. Identify the
benefits of utilizing datagrid technologies with institutional repositories,
digital libraries and digital preservation systems within libraries. The tools
for these systems are open source and, with minimal instruction, become a
collaborative network for use with academic bandwidth such as the Internet2
Abilene network. Experts from the UC San Diego Libraries and the San Diego
Supercomputer Center share their experiences implementing datagrid technologies
in their libraries.

Started with Drupal. Learn how to set up and run Drupal,
an open-source Web Content Management System, at your library. Cary Gordon,
President of the Cherry Hill Company facilitates this hands-on opportunity at
the Anaheim Public Library.

Register now for these workshops. Please note: you
do not have to register for the ALA Annual Conference in order to attend these

Visit the 2008 ALA Annual Conference registration (
page to register for these events. More
information is available at the LITA Web site (

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