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VRT Committee Chair
For Immediate Release
January 13, 2008

Video Round Table announces 2008 Notable Videos for Adults

PHILADELPHIA -The American Library Association (ALA) Video Round Table Notable Videos Committee has compiled its 2008 list of Notable Videos for Adults, a list of 15 outstanding programs released on video within the past two years and suitable for all libraries serving adults. Its purpose is to call attention to recent video releases that make a significant contribution to the world of video recordings.

The selections were made during the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The winning titles are:

  • Achieving the Unachievable.
    52 min.
    Ciné Fête, VHS/DVD: $229 circulation/$89 on site.

  • After Innocence.
    95 min.
    New Yorker Video, DVD:
    (Available most distributors)

  • Been Rich All My Life. 80 min. First Run Features, DVD: $24.99 home use.
    (First Run/Icarus Films, $248 with PPR

  • A Crude Awakening:
    The Oil Crash.
    85 min.
    Docurama, DVD:
    (Available most distributors).

  • Favela Rising.
    82 min.
    ThinkFilm, DVD:
    (Available most distributors).

  • Hacking Democracy.
    81 min.
    Docurama, DVD:
    $26.95. (Available most distributors).

  • The Heart of the Game.
    97 min. Buena Vista Home Entertainment, DVD: $29.99
    (Available most distributors).

  • Iraq in Fragments.
    94 min.
    Arab Film Distribution, DVD: $400 institutional/$24.99 home use.

  • Jesus Camp.
    84 min., Magnolia Pictures, DVD, $26.98 (Available most distributors).

  • Maquilapolis: City of Factories.
    68 min. California Newsreel, DVD: $195/$49.95/$26.95 institutional/public library/home use.

  • Maxed Out.
    87 min.
    Magnolia Pictures, DVD:
    $26.98 (Available most distributors).

  • Money Talks:
    Profits Before Patient Safety.
    50 min.
    Hummingbird Pictures, DVD:
    (Available most distributors)

  • The Prize of the Pole.
    78 min.
    First Run/Icarus Films, DVD:

  • Salud!
    93 min.
    $195 educational use; $60 public libraries.

  • When The Levees Broke:
    A Requiem In Four Acts.
    255 min.
    HBO Video, DVD:
    (Available most distributors).

Members of the 2007-08 committee are: Vicki Nesting (chair), St. Charles Parish Library (La.); Nora Dimmock, University of Rochester (N.Y.); Blane Halliday, Collier County Public Library (Fla.); Cynthia Knight, Hunterdon County Library (N.J.); Meghann Matwichuk, University of Delaware; Chet Mulawka, San Mateo County Library (Calif.); Jeff Pearson, University of Michigan; Steve Switzer, Florida International University; and Sue-Ellen Beauregard, consultant,
Booklist magazine, Chicago.

For more information about the list and the Video Round Table please visit: .