Chandler and Pesch receive ALCTS Collaboration Citation

Contact: Charles Wilt

Executive Director, ALCTS

(312) 280-5030

For Immediate Release,

February 25, 2008

Chandler and Pesch receive ALCTS Collaboration Citation

The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) is proud to announce that the ALCTS Outstanding Collaboration Citation is awarded to CTS Information Technology Librarian Adam Chandler, , Cornell University; and Oliver Pesch, chief strategist, information technology, EBSCO Information Services, in recognition of their leadership of the SUSHI Working Group in the development of the NISO Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative, or “SUSHI.” The results of their work have a universal impact on usage statistic measurement and provide a technical model for gathering usage statistics for electronic resources. SUSHI is a protocol that allows data for electronic resources to be transported from data providers to tools like e-resource management systems using an automated process. With the increase in electronic resource collections, it is extremely valuable to the collection development process to have this protocol and automated method for statistics gathering. Adam and Oliver's leadership of a collaborative effort in providing the library community with a very valuable tool is commended.

The citation will be presented at the ALCTS Awards Ceremony on Sunday, June 29, at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Anaheim, Calif.

The ALCTS Outstanding Collaboration Citation recognizes and encourages collaborative problem-solving efforts in the areas of acquisition, access, management, preservation or archiving of library materials. It recognizes a demonstrated benefit from actions, services or products that improve and benefit the provision and management of library collections.

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