ALA-APA names 30 leaders as its Angels

Contact: Jenifer Grady
Director, ALA-APA
(312) 280-2424
For Immediate Release,
April 8, 2008

ALA-APA names 30 leaders as its Angels

CHICAGO - Thirty library leaders will be honored as ALA-APA Angels at the American Library Association Annual Conference in June. The ALA-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) is celebrating five years of service by honoring some of the many people and organizations that have helped it grow and flourish in its missions of providing certification and supporting better salaries.

ALA-APA angels were instrumental in the creation and development of ALA-APA. They represent thousands of library employees who gave their time, energy, ideas and contributions to shape the work that ALA-APA is doing through the Certified Public Library Administrator Program and in advocating for fair pay.

The ALA-APA's Angel Reception will be held from 7:30 - 9 p.m. on Friday, June 27,, in Anaheim, Calif. All are invited to attend to support their colleagues and ALA-APA. Tickets for this fundraising event are $25 and may be purchased online at  and on-site.

ALA-APA Angels:

  • Patricia Anderson, Montville Township Public Library
  • Nancy Bolt
  • Nancy Davenport, District of Columbia Public Library
  • Diane Fay
  • Jenna Freedman, Barnard College
  • Maurice Freedman
  • Joan Goddard
  • Arlita Harris, University of North Texas
  • Nancy Kranich
  • Michele Leber
  • Margaret Myers
  • Daniel O'Connor, Rutgers University
  • David Orenstein, Warren County Community College
  • Robert Rohlf, Robert H. Rohlf Associates
  • Patricia Smith, Texas Library Association
  • Barbara Stripling, New York City Department of Education
  • Teri Switzer, University of Colorado
  • Thomas Wilding
  • Denise Zielinski, DuPage Library System
  • American Federation of State, Municipal and County Employees, AFL-CIO (AFSCME) - President Gerald McEntee
  • Association for Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA) members - represented by President Barbara Mates
  • Better Salaries and Pay Equity Task Force members - represented by Kathleen de la Pena McCook and Patricia Glass Schuman
  • Committee on Education members - represented by President Kenley E. Neufeld
  • Department for Professional Employees, AFL-CIO - President Paul Almeida and Assistant to the President Pamela Wilson
  • LAMA/PLA/ASCLA Joint Committee on Certification members - represented by Eva Poole and Betty Turock
  • Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA) members - represented by President W. Bede Mitchell
  • New York Public Library Guild Local 1930 District Council 37 AFSCME, AFL-CIO - represented by President Carol Thomas and Treasurer Nina Manning
  • Public Libraries Association (PLA) members - represented by President Jan Sanders * SirsiDynix Corporation
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign Graduate School of Information and Library Science LEEP Program - represented by Program Director Marianne Steadley

ALA-APA thanks the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the American Federation of State, Municipal and County Employees, AFL-CIO (AFSCME) for their support of this event.

ALA-APA: the Organization for the Advancement of Library Employees is a service organization to the American Library Association and the library community. It has two missions: providing certification in specializations of librarianship and advocacy for salary improvement efforts.