Why are library staff important? See the (NLWD) Stars

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ALA-APA Director

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For Immediate Release,

April 8, 2008

Why are library staff important? See the (NLWD) Stars

National Library Workers Day (April 15) is fast approaching! It's not too late to nominate your favorite library employee as an NLWD Star -
www.ala-apa.org/about/nlwdstarsform.html. By submitting Stars, dozens of library staff, users, administrators and friends groups have already shown the world how library workers are crucial to their respective communities. Stars will also be entered into a drawing for a "Libraries Work Because We Do" t-shirt or tote bag.

Nominees include Joan, who is chronicling the February tragedy at Northern Illinois University; Karen, who works at a school library in Alabama and creates a MARC record that is a work of art; Bujar, an academic librarian in Albania who is one of four librarians to serve 110,000 students; La Fawn at a public library in Virginia who is "like a box of chocolates, but in a good way," with the clever solutions she finds; Dianna at a special library in California, who may be our most celebrated Star and invites aeronautical retirees in to speak to "young'uns" about space propulsion; and storyteller Mr. Tom at a public library in Florida, who is treated like a rock star by two generations. You may even find your own favorite librarian.

To further recognize these employees' contributions, ALA-APA will hold a raffle on April 15. Twenty Stars will receive a "Libraries Work Because We Do" t-shirt or tote bag.

ALA-APA is also interested in libraries that are helping their workers become healthier, like the San Antonio Public Library, which participates in the city's Steps to a Healthier San Antonio initiative. The director, Ramiro Salazar encourages staff to walk and run. Talk about what your is library doing.

If you haven't figured out how you'll celebrate, join the celebration in Second Life on the ALA Island, where your avatar can grab a NLWD t-shirt and do a little tai-chi in recognition of workplace wellness at
http://slurl.com/secondlife/ALA%20Island/128/107/29/. First Life ideas can be found on the NLWD site - http://www.ala-apa.org/about/ideas.html.

NLWD is sponsored by ALA-APA: the Organization for the Advancement of Library Employees, which advocates for improving the salaries and status of librarians and support staff.