National Library Agenda draft available for comment

Contacts: Larra Clark/Macey Morales
ALA Media Relations
For Immediate Release
January 16, 2007

National Library Agenda draft available for comment

(CHICAGO) The result of 12 months of conversations and two days of intensive planning, American Library Association (ALA) President Leslie Burger has released the discussion draft of “Toward a National Agenda for Libraries” in preparation for the ALA Midwinter Meeting, January 19-24. The working document is available online at the national agenda wiki:

Dozens of policy and decision makers met in a Washington, D.C., December 10-11 summit to articulate key agenda items that would enhance support for improving libraries, as well as help build a case for investing in libraries at the local, state and national level. Participants also identified key trends and issues, discussed the scope of the agenda and proposed a timeline for implementation.

The national agenda is grouped into six major theme areas, each with five or six proposed agenda items:

* Libraries preserve the past and provide a bridge to the future

* Libraries build and strengthen communities

* Libraries support lifelong learning

* Libraries create information and technology literate communities

* Libraries encourage economic development

* Libraries support democracy

“It’s time to set a bold and inspiring agenda for 21st century library service,” Burger said. “Our goal is to have a clear, compelling and positive National Agenda for our nation’s libraries, an agenda that will provide a focus for activities for the years to come. I’m proud of the work we did in December, and I hope ALA member groups and the library community at large will add their voices to this important national conversation.”

Burger and the National Library Agenda Task Force seek comments before February 15 to so the agenda can be finalized in time for National Library Legislative Day May 1.

For more information on the National Library Agenda Summit and the draft agenda, please visit