LITA Web manager named

Contact: Mary Taylor

Executive Director, LITA

For Immediate Release

April 4, 2006

LITA Web manager named

CHICAGO — The Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of David Altenhof to the position of LITA Web Manager.

Following an application process that culminated in interviews at Midwinter, the LITA Board approved David Altenhof, circulation librarian at Miami University-Oxford, Ohio, to begin his two-year term April 3, 2006.

David Altenhof received dual masters’ degrees in information science and library science at Indiana University, Bloomington, in 2003. He has been at a university library for over two years. Altenhof has served as Webmaster for three different organizations where he oversaw major changes to the sites and performed day-to-day additions and maintenance. He has direct experience in many important areas including content management systems, server migration, search and log analysis software, CGI/Perl and other Web scripting languages.

“I am very motivated to help LITA improve its Website,” said Altenhof. “I simply like working with Web technology and I look forward to getting a lot of hands-on Web development work and to experiencing the fun of putting Web projects together.”

The LITA Web manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate the LITA Web site working with appropriate LITA Committees and Interest groups, the Board and LITA office staff
  • Determine the content, form, and design of the site, which provides “the face of LITA” to both its members and the public in consultation with the Board
  • Chair the LITA Web Coordinating Committee
  • Work with the Web Coordinating Committee to identify content needs and oversee additions to the site
  • Coordinate the activities of the Web Coordinating Committee, LITA Web Editors and the LITA Office so that information on the LITA web site is maintained in a timely manner
  • Maintain the LITA Web site documentation
  • Serve on the ALA Web Advisory Committee
  • Work with the LITA Office and ALA ITTS in implementing and transitioning to a Web content management system
  • Work with the LITA office and ALA ITTS in implementing or updating services, Web page templates and designs in the Web content management system
  • Authorize individuals to work on the host site, working through the LITA office to arrange access
  • Maintain the general file structure, document templates, general-purpose graphics, and other tools that are needed for the LITA Web site
  • Provide technical support as needed to individuals involved in maintaining the site
  • Provide analysis of and reports for usage log data and archive the log files

Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) members are information technology professionals dedicated to educating, serving, and reaching out to the entire library and information community. LITA is a division of the American Library Association.