ALA Recruitment Assembly launches recruitment Web site

Contact: Beatrice Calvin

HRDR Program Officer

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For Immediate Release

March 14, 2006

ALA Recruitment Assembly launches recruitment Web site

(CHICAGO) The American Library Association (ALA) Recruitment Assembly is pleased to announce the launch of a new Web site The Web site includes basic information on what it takes to become a librarian or library worker and also information on education, financial assistance and possible career paths.

“Libraries offer such a wide range of interesting career opportunities, and I think this site is an excellent start at increasing the awareness to the general public,” said Larry Neal, the Recruitment Assembly member who spearheaded the Web site’s development.

Designed in a fun and colorful, yet concise manner, invites visitors to “make a living making a difference.” With links ranging from librarianship’s core values to how to choose a library school to connecting to the library community, it is an ideal tool for students and career counselors alike. “I wanted to create a site that spoke to people outside of the profession—those unfamiliar with library jargon and those who we will need to keep libraries strong for the future,” Neal said.

The Recruitment Assembly plans to continue adding resources to the site so that it becomes the top recruitment tool for library workers. “I would like to see this site as a link from every career center, library, ALA chapter and library vendor in the country,” Neal said also gives current library staff and recruiters who participate in career days/fairs a specific place to direct people who may have questions about working in a library. bookmarks that were developed for this purpose now are available from the ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment. is designed to help attract people to the library profession. The next phase, an improved way of helping people find jobs once they have completed library school, is coming soon. The American Library Association plans to launch a new online career center—JobList, this summer.

JobList will offer job seekers and employers alike an easy, one-stop place to find each other. A joint venture of the ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment, American Libraries, and C&RL News, JobList will include job ads as well as valuable tips and resources for job seekers and employers.

For more information, visit, or contact the program officer for recruitment, Beatrice Calvin at