2006 Tony B. Leisner Scholarship winner named

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August 1, 2006

2006 Tony B. Leisner Scholarship winner named

CHICAGO - The American Library Association (ALA) is pleased to announce Paula Elizabeth Heaney of Jerusalem, Arkansas as the 2006 recipient of the Tony B. Leisner Scholarship.

The $3,000 scholarship, named for Tony B. Leisner, an active ALA member and former member of the ALA Council, is awarded to a library support staff member pursuing a master's degree in library and information studies.
The scholarship was established with funds donated by Leisner.

Heaney was enchanted on her first visit to the library when she was taught as a child by a librarian how libraries function.
This experience inspired her to create a small library at home.

"After exploring a few other possible paths, I found employment at the Fayetteville Public Library and came back to my childhood dream of becoming a librarian," said Heaney.

She enjoys helping people and chatting with patrons about books. Her personal mission is to promote the reading and appreciation of books.
She is looking forward to exploring new ways in which libraries can ensure the democratization of information.
Heaney also wants to assist in preserving the romance of the old-fashioned library.
She desires to help the library evolve alongside the community in which it resides.

Heaney will be attending the University of Tennessee at Knoxville