ACRL Committee on Ethics announces new discussion list

Contact: Dawn Mueller


For Immediate Release

October 31, 2005

ACRL Committee on Ethics announces new discussion list

CHICAGO - The ACRL Committee on Ethics announces the establishment of a new discussion list, ETHICSFORUM, to stimulate discussion among librarians about ethical issues within academic librarianship. At the Annual Conference 2005 in Chicago, committee members determined that an open discussion list would be a useful tool to create greater awareness of ethical questions in the academic library.

The discussion list will offer an ideal venue for debating critical topics with ethical dimensions in academic librarianship (e.g., copyright, privacy, and freedom of speech). As an added benefit, the discussion list can allow librarians to examine ethical questions within the context of the existing ALA Code of Ethics and explore the desirability of drafting a supplemental code specific to academic and research libraries. People wishing to subscribe to ETHICSFORUM may do so at

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