Library Dynamics to publish “North American Title Count”

Contact: Charles Wilt

Executive Director, ALCTS

For Immediate Release

May 3, 2005

Library Dynamics to publish “North American Title Count”

CHICAGO - Library Dynamics, a Virginia-based company, will publish a new edition of the “North American Title Count” (NATC) in 2005. The NATC has a long history of providing participating libraries longitudinal and comparative collections data. This commitment by Library Dynamics secures the availability of this important resource for many more years.

Previously published by the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS), Library Dynamics has responded to an expressed desire by many libraries to continue the NATC beyond the last edition published in 2001. In 2004, ALCTS decided to discontinue its role in publishing NATC due to a change in its publishing strategy and the increased need to devote more resources to the NATC production.

In a joint agreement, ALCTS has authorized Library Dynamics the use of the “North American Title Count” and “NATC” names for the life of the publication.

Library Dynamics was founded in 1998 and provides tools for libraries for analysis, planning, decision support, collaborative development, interpretation and management of physical collections and electronic resources. For further information, contact Howard Harris, general manager, at 703/880-6405, or . Information on the Library Dynamics NATC program is available on its Web site at .

ALCTS is a division of the American Library Association (ALA).