Librarians and teens win when they

Contact: Megan Humphrey, Coordinator,

Campaign for America's Libraries


For Immediate Release

September 24, 2003

Librarians and teens win when they “Get on Board and Read @ your library”

A new incentive program will reward librarians who encourage teens to grab a book and land in the world of possibilities by participating in “Get on Board and Read @ your library,” featuring skateboard legend Tony Hawk. The program encourages librarians to reach out to teens and invite them to submit an entry.

“Get on Board and Read @ your library,” sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and Morningstar Foods Inc., maker and distributor of HERSHEY®’S Milk and MilkShakes, encourages teens to check out one of their favorite books from their local library and create an entry about how the book is meaningful to them. Entries may be submitted in a written essay or a creative entry consisting of a poem, painting or video. Entries may be created individually or as a team.
Each teen or team must have a local public or school librarian sponsor them in the contest by having the librarian fill out a sponsor form.

Incentives include 20 coupons for HERSHEY’S Milk and MilkShakes for librarians who submit at least 5 teen entries; 50 HERSHEY’S Milk and MilkShake T-shirts for those who submit 15 to 24 entries; and an autographed poster of Tony Hawk, for 25 or more entries.
Also, librarians who submit a report on how they promoted the program, along with sample publicity materials, will be entered into a drawing for a $100 bookstore gift certificate.

The grand prize for teens is a chance to meet Tony Hawk, a trip in which the librarian sponsor will participate, as well.
In addition to the grand prize, “Get on Board and Read” is offering Tony Hawk skateboards as first-place prizes; copies of Hawk’s book, “Hawk: Occupation: Skateboarder” as second-place prizes; and a one-month’s supply of HERSHEY’S Milks and MilkShakes as third-place prizes.
Three prizes will be awarded to teens who submit the best essays, and three will be given to teens who send in the most creative entries in formats such as a painting, sculpture or video.

To be eligible for incentives, librarians must send in all teen entries at the same time in bulk to ALA.
Additional information on incentives will be available on the “Get on Board and Read @ your library” Web site at
Librarians are encouraged to visit the program Web site now to pre-register and to receive free program bookmarks and posters that will be delivered to their libraries. When the program begins in November, librarians also will have access to free downloadable tools to promote the program. These include “Get on Board and Read @ your library” logos, programming ideas, sample press materials and more. Nearly 1500 librarians have registered on the site.

“Get on Board and Read @ your library” is part of The Campaign for America's Libraries, ALA’s multi-year public education initiative to speak loudly and clearly about the value of libraries and librarians in the 21st Century. For more information about the @ your library campaign, visit