Tony Hawk “Ramps Up” third year of national teen reading program

Contact: Deborah Davis, Campaign Manager


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July 29, 2003

Tony Hawk “Ramps Up” third year of national teen reading program

Teens encouraged to discover the world through reading in libraries

Today, students and librarians at the San Diego Public Library were “amped” to kick off “Get on Board and Read @ your library,” a program developed to gear up interest in reading among America’s teens.
Professional skateboarder and program spokesperson, Tony Hawk, helped launch the program, which is sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and Morningstar Foods Inc., maker and distributor of HERSHEY’S MILK and Milkshakes.

“Get on Board and Read @ your library”will encourage young adults across America to skate their way into libraries, grab a book and land in the world of possibilities available through reading. Teens are challenged to grab one of their favorite books found on library shelves and create an entry about how the book is meaningful to them.
There are two categories in which entries can be submitted – a written essay or a creative entry including a poem, painting or video.

The program officially begins in November and will continue through the spring of 2004. Program details will be available at later this fall.

“We are pleased to be able to advance the American Library Association’s interest in engaging young adults through the Get on Board and Read @ your library program.
We want to remind teens to discover the wealth of books and other resources that are available at their local library and that librarians are there to help them find just what they’re looking for--and maybe even something they didn't expect,” said ALA President Carla D. Hayden.

Librarians are encouraged to visit the program Web site at for their opportunity to request posters and bookmarks that will be delivered to the library free of charge before the program officially begins.
The first 200 libraries to register on the site will receive coupons for Hershey’s Milk.
In November, free programming ideas, artwork and other tools to help librarians promote the program will be available on the Web site as well.
As an additional incentive, there will be prizes awarded to every librarian who submits 5, 15 or 25 entries on behalf the teens whom he or she serves.

“Reading builds a strong foundation for our future. I want to show that reading can be fun – as well as letting kids know that this vital skill helps lead to success later in life,” said Tony Hawk.
“I am excited to partner with HERSHEY
®’S Milk and MilkShakes
- my kids love them and I need to maintain strong bones in my career.”

This is the third year for the partnership between ALA and Morningstar Foods to promote teen reading.
Over 2000 libraries registered for the partnership’s first program, “Drive to Read @ your library.”

The “Get on Board and Read @ your library” program is part of The Campaign for America's Libraries, ALA’s multi-year public education initiative to speak loudly and clearly about the value of libraries and librarians in the 21st century.
For more information about the @ your library campaign, visit