@ your library campaign for school library media programs to kick off

Contact: Andrea Parker

AASL Program Officer

Megan Humphrey

Campaign Coordinator


For Immediate Release

October 22, 2003

@ your library campaign for school library media programs to kick off in Kansas City

The school library component of the @ your library® campaign is set to kick off at the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) National Conference in Kansas City, Mo., October 22-26, 2003, at the "Taste of Kansas City" gala event in Union Station.

Developed in collaboration with AASL, the campaign seeks to increase public awareness of the significant contributions made by school library media specialists through school library media programs to further the academic achievement and lifelong learning of students; strengthen a belief in the value of school library media programs and school library media specialists; and position school librarianship as a desirable career opportunity.

The campaign will target teachers and administrators, students and parents, and boards of education. Secondary audiences include legislators and the community at large.

"The @ your library school advocacy campaign reaffirms that school library media programs are critical to the learning experience, that school library media specialists are crucial to the teaching and learning process, and that school library media centers are places of opportunity," said AASL President Fran R. Roscello. "These three key messages will be used throughout this campaign at the national and local level to speak about how critical school library media programs, specialists and centers are to the bottom line in all schools: student achievement."

To help school library media specialists promote the campaign locally, all conference attendees will receive a copy of a new
@ your library® Toolkit for School Library Media Programs. Developed with the help of a committee of school library media specialists, the toolkit includes messages, ideas and strategies for promoting the value of school library media programs and library media specialists in the 21st century. The toolkit also will be available online to download from the @ your library Web site at

under the "School Library Campaign" section.

"For the past year, the AASL @ your library Special Committee has been working diligently to prepare a spectacular launch of this major public awareness campaign," said Harriet Selverstone, chair of the AASL @ your library Special Committee and Adjunct Professor, Pratt Institute (Conn.). "This campaign will assist all school library media specialists in promoting themselves and their programs to the various constituencies they serve."

The campaign will be showcased at the AASL conference’s Exploratorium on Thursday, October 23, in the convention center at one of many stations that will feature examples of best practices in school librarianship. See the AASL conference Web site at

for more information about the conference. The campaign also will be featured at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in San Diego (January 9-14, 2004), where AASL will sponsor a training session for its affiliates, and at a preconference at the ALA Annual Conference in Orlando (June 24-30, 2004).

As part of the campaign, school library media specialists also can sign up on a new discussion list to share best public relations and marketing practices in school library media centers: AASLPR. To subscribe, send a message to subscribe-aaslpr@ala.org with your first and last name as the subject. Leave the body of the message blank.

Other tools will include new downloadable print-ready graphics, case studies, research, advocacy resources, and more on the campaign Web site. Materials also are available from campaign founding partner 3M Library Systems to help school library media specialists prepare multi-year marketing plans using the @ your library brand. They can be found on the 3M Library Systems Web site at


Members of the AASL @ your library special committee include Harriet Selverstone, Chair; Sandra Kennedy Bright, Director of School Libraries, New York City Board of Education; Connie Champlin, Consultant, Media Tech Consulting (Ind.); Keith Lance, Director, Library Research Service (Colo.); Jeanne Martinez , Component Director, Education Service Center (Texas); Judi Lynn Moreillon, Library Media Specialist, Sabino High Schoool (Ariz.); Fran R. Roscello; and Linda Williams, Director, Library Media Services, Anne Arundel County Public Schools (Md.). Toolkit committee members included Roscello and Selverstone, Veanna Baxter, retired Library Media Specialist (Pa.); and Terry Young, Library Media Specialist, West Jefferson High School, New Orleans.

The Campaign for America's Libraries is a multi-year education effort sponsored by ALA to promote the value of libraries and librarians in the 21st century. The school library campaign is the second of the @ your library "tailored" campaigns to launch. The academic and research campaign launched in April 2003 at the Association for College and Research Libraries (ACRL) conference in Charlotte, N.C., where ACRL hosted a sold-out training session about the campaign. The tailored campaigns are designed to address the needs of different library types and to create customized materials and messages while still under the national @ your library umbrella. For more information on the @ your library campaign, visit

AASL and ACRL are divisions of the ALA.