Participants sought for PLA staffing pattern survey

Contact: Kathleen Hughes

Manager, Communications


For Immediate Release

October 17, 2003

Participants sought for PLA staffing pattern survey

The Public Library Association (PLA) is proud to announce that the PLA Workload Measures and Staffing Patterns Committee has produced an improved staffing practices survey. The committee would appreciate your participation.
The survey is available on the PLA Web site at

until December 15, 2003.

PLA’s strategic plan asks that the committee assist with the association’s goals:
to increase the number of useful models for staffing public libraries; to create a forum to discuss best practices; and to raise issues for discussion. In an effort to achieve these goals, the committee has developed questions for the purpose of collecting data on staffing practices in public libraries.

The committee encourages members to pass on survey information to the libraries in their state, members of state library organization and key staff.
The success of the survey will depend on the response rate that reflects the diversity of public libraries.

A survey progress report will be given at the American Library Association (ALA) 2004 Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla. The committee will offer an overview of results and determine next steps based on data collected.

Questions regarding the survey and the Workload Measures and Staffing Patterns Committee may contact Bruce Schauer by e-mail at, or by phone 425-369-3203. Those interested in subscribing to the Workload and Staffing Measures listserv may contact Brendan Dowling via e-mail at

The Workload Measures and Staffing Patterns Committee, on behalf of PLA, would like to thank members in advance for their participation in this very important survey.

PLA is a division of ALA.