LAMA presents new Regional Institutes

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March 5, 2003

LAMA presents new Regional Institutes

Providing quality continuing education and training for library leadership and decision-making is a priority of the Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA). From building design to diversity training to libraries in the digital age, LAMA offers stimulating, informative regional institutes on topics of current importance to the library profession.

New regional institutes for 2003 are:

  • "Conflict Management for Consenting Adults" - Pat Wagner, Pattern Research, Inc. Learn how to improve productivity and build better workplace relationships with your employer, employees, peers, supervisors, and your library's customers. The emphasis is on courtesy, rationality, and goodwill--in other words, the best of civil behavior.
  • "Stop the Whining (or Herding Kittens: How to Have Influence When You Don't Have Power or Authority)" -Pat Wagner, Pattern Research, Inc. We whine for entertainment, but mostly because we don't know how to ask for what we want effectively. Move beyond whining to using successful influence, measured by being able to predictably change behavior in oneself and others, to make it easier for other people to work with you and for you.
  • "Using Marketing to Enhance Library Performance" -Bill Sannwald, Library Consultant. Behind every successful library is a vision of what it can and should be--a vision based on understanding the community the library serves and developing products and services to satisfy community needs. In this institute, you will work through a library marketing planning process that will help you create a marketing plan of services to meet the wants and needs of your customers.
  • "Image is Everything: Making Partners and Money for Your Library" -Alexis Sarkisian, Library Marketing Consultant, and Anne Rose Johnson, Library Community Foundation. Never before has there been such a need for libraries of all kinds to be proactive with their marketing and fund raising efforts. Acquire the knowledge, tools, skills and confidence you need to initiate or enhance a successful integrated marketing/fundraising/development program for your library using partnerships as one of the tools.
  • "Coping with Cuts and/or Controversy" -Ellen Miller, President, Ellen Miller Group. Budget cuts (real or threatened), declining usage and controversy require hard-pressed library directors to mentor their boards or faculty committees to take on an active role in addressing revenue shortfalls and handling controversy. Learn practical steps to help your governing body adjust to new roles in a less friendly, more competitive era.

Presented by knowledgeable and experienced professionals, LAMA regional institutes are one-day workshops that can be tailored to address local needs. Managers, administrators, staff and trustees will benefit, particularly those who may not be able to travel to national conferences and seminars. LAMA regional institutes have been featured at state and regional annual conferences, at universities and public libraries, and as in-house training in organizations from Alaska to Florida.

For complete information on LAMA regional institutes, go to
LAMA's Institutes Web page. To schedule an institute, contact: Dollester Thorn-Hawkins, ALA/LAMA, 50 E. Huron Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611, 1-800-545-2433, x5032, fax: 312/280-5033, e-mail:

LAMA is a division of ALA.