Tales of the Cities

Tales of the Cities

Block, Francesca
Lia "Missing Angel Juan"

Burgess, Melvin "Smack"

Cross, Gillian "Tightrope"

Fleischman, Paul "Seedfolks"

Fong-Torres, Ben "The Rice Room Growing up Chinese-American - From Number Two Son to Rock 'n' Roll"

Frank, Lucy "Oy, Joy!"

Hamill, Pete "Snow in August"

Hinojosa, Maria "Crews Gang Members Talk to Maria Hinojosa"

Johnson, Stephen T. "Alphabet City"

Levy, Marilyn "Run for Your Life"

Mowry, Jess "Babylon Boyz"

Myers, Walter Dean "145th Street Short Stories"

Rodriguez, Luis J. "Always Running La Vida Loca: Gang Days In L.A."

Santiago, Esmeralda "'Almost a Woman"

Shusterman, Neal "Downsiders"

Sinclair, April "Coffee Will Make You Black"

Smith, Betty "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"

Soto, Gary "Buried Onions"

Vizzini, Ned "Teen Angst? Naaah... A Quasi-Autobiogrphy"

Whelan, Gloria "Homeless Bird"

Williams-Garcia, Rita "Fast Talk on a Slow Track"

Wolff, Virginia Euwer "Make Lemonade"

Woodson, Jacqueline "If You Come Softly"

Zindel, Paul "Rats"