LAMA presents new regional institutes

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August 27, 2002

LAMA presents new regional institutes

Providing quality continuing education and training for library leadership and decision-making is a priority of the Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA), a division of the American Library Association. From building design to diversity training to libraries in the digital age, LAMA offers stimulating, informative regional institutes on topics of current importance to the library profession.

New regional institutes for 2002 are:

  • The Impact of Services on Library Users: Outcomes-Based Evaluations(2002 Institute of the Year) Rhea Joyce Rubin, principal of Rubin Consulting, introduces outcomes measurement, an approach to program evaluation that examines the program's effect on the user.
  • Collaborating, Partnering, Cooperating: The Good, the Bad and the Future Julie Todaro, dean of library services at the Austin Community College, Texas, examines the characteristics of collaborations that work to the benefit of libraries, library staff and library patrons.
  • Understanding and Communicating with Culturally Diverse Communities Independent consultants Yolanda Cuesta and Gail McGovern give participants the knowledge they need to communicate with and serve diverse communities effectively and the opportunity to plan their own growth and development in this area.
  • Emergency Preparedness: The Human Factor, the Organization, and Resources in a 911 World

    Julie Todaro assists managers to prepare for, communicate with and plan for their most important resource - their staff members - during emergency situations.
  • Cutting Edge Redux: New and "Used" Programs and Services with a 21st Century Spin

Julie Todaro offers participants information on 21st century programs and services, exploring the new and used status of these services, and discovering how to make them work in their environments.

Presented by knowledgeable and experienced professionals, LAMA regional institutes are one-day workshops that can be tailored to address local needs. Managers, administrators, staff and trustees will benefit, particularly those who may not be able to travel to national conferences and seminars. LAMA regional institutes have been featured at state and regional annual conferences, at universities and public libraries, and as in-house training in organizations from Alaska to Florida.

For complete information on the LAMA regional institutes, go to To schedule an institute, contact: Dollester Thorn-Hawkins, ALA/LAMA, 50 E. Huron Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611, 1-800-545-2433, x5032, fax: 312/280-5033, e-mail:

LAMA is a division of the American Library Association.