H.W. Wilson Library Staff Development Grant recipient named

Contact: Cheryl Malden



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April 2002

H.W. Wilson Library Staff Development Grant recipient named

Newport News (Va.) Public Library System is the 2002 recipient of the H.W. Wilson Library Staff Development Grant presented by the American Library Association (ALA).

The award, a citation and $3,500 donated by H.W. Wilson Company, is given to a library organization whose application demonstrated the greatest merit for a staff development program designed to further the goals and objectives of the library.

Newport News Public Library System has instituted a comprehensive staff development program titled
Training the Customer Service Team for Long Term Success. Their first event in the series,
Building Library Excellence Through Staff Development, will kick off at the 2002 Annual In-Service Day and continue building through regularly scheduled training sessions in coming years.

Training will address basic issues, such as customer service, policies and procedures, new technology, employee relations and conflict resolution, and will eventually culminate in a training film with employee actors in problem-solving situations. The project aims to create an environment where learning is rewarded by increased performance and promotion potential.

"Newport News' programs had a clear, reasoned approach to providing a multi-building training to staff. The jury was impressed with the organization and documentation of the application and are optimistic that it is a training program that will build and grow over the years," said Chair Ethelle S. Bean.

The H.W. Wilson Grant will be will be presented Tuesday, June 18, during the ALA Annual Conference in Atlanta.