Log on @ your libraryTM: Campaign for America's Libraries Posts New @ your library PSAs

Contact: Megan Humphrey

(312) 280-2040

ALA News Release

For Immediate Release

December 2000

Log on @ your library™: Campaign for America’s Libraries Posts New @ your library PSAs

The Campaign for America’s Libraries has made ten print public service announcements (PSAs) available on the current
Campaign for America’s Libraries Web site. The PSAs are posted in a variety of downloadable formats for use by libraries nationwide.

The following PSAs are now available:

  • Sound advice @ your library™
  • Bone up on osteoporosis @ your library™
  • Czech out Prague @ your library™
  • Garbo meets Rambo @ your library™
  • Life Lessons @ your library™
  • Nothing but Net @ your library™
  • Open a book and shut out the world @ your library™
  • Everything from Shaq to Shakespeare @ your library™
  • The Ultimate Search Engine is @ your library™
  • Untangle the Web @ your library™

The PSAs are part of an online toolkit designed to help local libraries implement the Campaign in their communities. The Campaign for America’s Libraries is a five-year public education effort, sponsored by the ALA, to promote the value of all types of libraries and librarians nationwide.

The PSAs feature the trademarked @ your library™ brand, which will unite the national public education campaign with local outreach efforts from all types of libraries throughout the country.

The public service announcements can be utilized in a number of ways. Ideas include:

  • Submit a PSA to your community, school, or campus newspaper or other publications. Encourage the paper to donate the space or offer it as filler. If your organization has the budget, consider buying space to guarantee placement.
  • Place a PSA in your company newsletter (if you represent a special library), in the alumni magazine (if you’re a university or college library) or in your library’s newsletter to promote new programs and services.
  • Use a PSA to create flyers and brochures to promote special programs and services at your library/organization. Examples include:

    Untangle the Web @ your library (to promote Internet classes or use)

    Sound advice @ your library (to promote a special collection of music)
  • Post a PSA on your library/organization’s Web site as a button or banner. Use a PSA as your library’s homepage or to introduce the librarians to the public:

    The ultimate search engine is @ your library (with a photo of a staff member)
  • Use a PSA to create a display for your computer workstations with slogans such as:

    Get wired @ your library

    Try surfing @ your library

For more great ideas on how to use the PSAs and other tools, attend a training at the Midwinter Meeting in Washington D.C. Identical trainings will be held on Saturday, January 13 and Sunday, January 14, from 9 a.m. – noon.

The trainings will also feature segments on key messages, target audiences and how to use the @ your library™ brand. Campaign staff will discuss the National Library Week kickoff event and how to implement the event in libraries nationwide. Additionally, attendees will learn how to navigate the Campaign’s new Web site, how to be an advocate for libraries and the Campaign, how to reach out to the media and more.

The Campaign, which was made a priority by the ALA Executive Board, was unveiled in July at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago and will officially launch to the public during National Library Week April 1-7, 2001. For more information, visit the Campaign’s temporary Web site at