Forsman and Horany are named to the Freedom to Read Foundation Roll of Honor Award

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May 2001

Forsman and Horany are named to the Freedom to Read Foundation Roll of Honor Award

Carolyn Forsman, jewelry designer and longtime Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF) supporter, and John Horany, lead attorney in the Wichita Falls (Texas) book removal case, are recipients of 2001 Freedom to Read Foundation Roll of Honor Awards.

Forsman, a former professional librarian, has sold her jewelry at American Library Association (ALA) conferences for over 15 years with the express purpose of donating the proceeds to the FTRF, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in contributions. Before devoting herself full-time to jewelry design, she served on the FTRF Board of Trustees.

Horany, a Dallas-based attorney, successfully represented Wichita Falls residents in their suit to overturn a city council resolution which allowed any 300 petitioners to limit access to library materials. The resolution was passed in the wake of a campaign to restrict children's access to the books "Daddy's Roommate" and "Heather Has Two Mommies." Horany, along with local counsel Robert M. Hampton and FTRF attorneys, Theresa Chmara and Daniel Mach (both of the Jenner & Block law firm), established that the resolution, both on its face and as applied to the removal of the two books from the children's area of the library to the adult section, violated federal and state constitutional rights to receive information.

Horany grew up in Wichita Falls and took advantage of the resources available at the Wichita Falls public library he later defended.

"I have a deep respect for and debt of gratitude to librarians and especially those at the Kemp Public Library in Wichita Falls, as it was an important part of my education as I was growing up," Horany said. "Also, much gratitude goes to the librarians I encountered while in college and law school."

"It is a privilege to add two so deserving recipients to the Roll of Honor," FTRF President Candace Morgan said. "The Freedom to Read Foundation relies on people like Carolyn and John, who give so generously, and consistently, of their time and energy, to fulfill its mission."

The awards will be presented at the 2001 ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco as a part of the Opening General Session Saturday, June 16, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. at the Moscone Center.

The FTRF Roll of Honor was established in 1987 to recognize and honor those individuals who have contributed substantially to the FTRF through adherence to its principles and/or substantial monetary support. The FTRF was founded in 1969 to promote and defend the right of individuals to freely express ideas and to access information in libraries and elsewhere. The FTRF enacts this plan through the disbursement of grants to individuals and groups, primarily for the purpose of aiding them in litigation; and through direct participation in litigation dealing with freedom of speech and of the press.