American Libraries launches two new columns

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October 2001

American Libraries launches two new columns

Beginning with the January 2002 issue,
American Libraries will introduce two new columns: "The Crawford Files," a one-page monthly column that will address a broad range of issues affecting library services, especially new technologies; and "Grassroots Report," a successor column to "Chapter Report," which will expand its focus to cover other local, state and regional library groups and activities in addition to the American Library Association (ALA) state chapters.

"The Crawford Files" will be written by Walt Crawford, a senior analyst at the Research Libraries Group, Inc. (RLG), in Mountain View, Calif., and a frequent contributor of feature articles to the magazine.

Some of the topics Crawford will cover include "A post-millennial reality check on the death of print" and "The unexpected consequences of changing media."

"The E-Files," a three-part series of feature articles by Crawford on electronic formats, is currently appearing in the magazine. The October 2001 issue contains "You
Must Read This: Library Weblogs," while articles on library lists and e-zines are scheduled for November and December.

Crawford has been a full-time professional in library automation since 1968 and has worked at RLG since 1979. He is currently lead designer for Eureka, RLG's end-user search service. An award-winning writer and speaker, Crawford has written 13 books and more than 240 articles and columns on libraries, technology, media, publishing and personal computing. In December 2000, he began
Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large, a Web-distributed print newsletter available at His most recent book is
Being Analog: Creating Tomorrow's Libraries (ALA Editions, 1999).

"Grassroots Report" will be written by freelance writer and project consultant Christine Watkins, and will feature individuals and organizations that make things happen for and at libraries through lobbying, programming and community action. ALA chapters, state libraries, consortia, interest groups and others are encouraged to submit materials to

Watkins is currently a consultant with the ALA Public Programs Office, with responsibility for the
"LIVE! @ your library" program that features live appearances by literary, visual and performing artists. She has a master's degree from the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute for Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota, and has been involved with many projects in publishing and civic education. She also was director of youth education at the American Bar Association, and founding editor of
19th Avenue, an award-winning newspaper formerly published by the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Forum.

American Libraries columns include "Internet Librarian," by Karen G. Schneider; "Technically Speaking," by David Dorman; "Will's World," by Will Manley; and "Librarian's Library," by Cathleen Bourdon.

American Libraries is published monthly (except for a combined June/July issue) by ALA. The magazine is sent to 59,000 individuals or organizations worldwide, and it is kept scrupulously and faithfully open to all viewpoints of interest and concern to the library profession. ALA members receive
American Libraries as a perquisite of membership, and it also is available to libraries and other institutions by paid subscription: $60 per year, U.S., Canada. Foreign: $70 per year.

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