Announcing the 2022 Core Forum Keynote Speakers!

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Tue, 08/16/2022


Julie Reese

Director of Leadership and Learning

Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures

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CHICAGOCore is proud to announce our Forum 2022 keynote speakers, C. Thi Nguyen and Jonathan Moody!Headshot of C. Thi Nguyen, keynote speaker on October 14 at Core Forum.

The October 13-15 Core Forum in Salt Lake City will be our first opportunity to celebrate the diverse and interconnected library work of Core members. We’ll engage the collective expertise of presenters and participants, facilitating thought-provoking conversations over two days of presentations, tabletop exhibits, and poster sessions. There will be opportunities to safely reconnect with colleagues during receptions, within dine-arounds and in the uncommons space.

October 14 Opening Keynote: C. Thi Nguyen

The first day of Core Forum starts with a talk from C. Thi Nguyen, Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of Utah and author of Games: Agency as Art, highlighting the benefits of gaming in libraries.

Games are not just idle time-wasters, nor are they simply another type of fiction. They are a unique form of art – an art that works in the medium of agency itself. A gamHeadshot of Jonathan Moody, keynote speaker on October 15 at Core Forum.e designer shapes an alternate self for the player. The game tells a player what to care about, in terms of the victory conditions and points, and it tells a player what abilities they can use to achieve that goal. Games are a way of communicating different kinds of agency, and a collection of games serves as a library of agencies for players to explore.

Listen to and read a transcript of C. Thi Nguyen's podcast interview with Ezra Klein earlier this year.

October 15 Opening Keynote: Jonathan Moody

Core Forum opens its second day by hearing from Jonathan Moody, CEO of 2021 AIA National Firm Award winner Moody Nolan, on how to "See the Change."

Libraries are one of the best examples of how buildings can function as a community resource. They’re part of our social infrastructure and provide access to resources. When we build libraries, we’re making an investment that shows what we value. Part of the job of an architect is to ensure that investment lasts. We have witnessed this past year the speed at which change can happen and the changing diversity of communities we serve with libraries forces us to constantly re-examine ideas of flexibility and reflection. We know that when people feel a space is for them, they are more likely to use it. Through the design and construction process, we can find opportunities for changing communities to see themselves in libraries. Through this process, we see how people can be empowered to make change.

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