Ellen R. Avis Selected as the First Julia J. Brody Public Librarian Scholarship Recipient

For Immediate Release
Fri, 09/24/2021


Kimberly L. Redd

Program Manager, Certification and Talent Development

Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR)



The American Library Association (ALA) has selected Ellen R. Avis of Williams, Oregon as the first recipient of the Julia J. Brody Public Librarian Scholarship. The $4000 scholarship is awarded to individuals planning to specialize in the field of public librarianship.


Avis currently works as a technical services manager at the Josephine Community Library District in Grants Pass, Oregon. Expressing her passion for library service, Avis wrote, “When I began working as manager of a contender for smallest library branch ever, I realized I absolutely loved it! I found that the values of librarianship align very well with my personal values. I care deeply about social equity, and I get great joy from connecting people with the information they need. I am especially passionate about lifelong learning, intellectual freedom, and digital equity. I have an undying affinity for the mission of public libraries to provide equitable access to everyone in the community. I am excited to have fully committed to the career of librarianship and look forward to the future of public libraries.”


References expound on Avis’ commitment to exemplary service to the community. One person commented that, “She is a dedicated library professional who became our advocate for digital literacy in rural areas.” Another person stated, “She is an excellent mentor and professional leader to her colleagues and is an emerging leader in the Oregon library community. Her commitment to equity and diversity in library services is notable. With her guidance and support, our library has been able to confidently reach out to underserved populations to assess community needs and provide services.


In lauding Avis’ knowledge and skills, another person noted, “She is smart, organized, trustworthy, creative, thoughtful, flexible, patient and kind. Whether providing excellent customer service at the reference desk, facilitating and presenting public programs, participating in staff meetings, or representing our local library on statewide committees and workgroups, she is consistently collegial, helpful, and professional. She has demonstrated an enthusiasm for service, leveraging her experiences to provide innovative and critical services to the community. Her approach to library service is forward-thinking while rooted in the core values of librarianship. The profession will be stronger with her contributions.”


The Julia J. Brody scholarship was made possible through a bequest from the estate of Julia Jussim Brody, who earned degrees at Hunter College and Columbia University’s School of Library Science. After working as a librarian at a military post during WWII, Brody spent the remainder of her professional career in various positions working at the New York Public Library. 


For details and more information on this scholarship, visit the Julia J. Brody scholarship page. For information on other scholarships available through the ALA, visit the scholarship page.


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