ALA Philanthropic Advisory Group Volunteer Opportunity: Call for Nominations/Applications through September 15, 2021

For Immediate Release
Tue, 07/27/2021


Anne E. Manly

Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Development Office

American Library Association (ALA) Philanthropic Advisory Group (PAG) Volunteer Opportunity
Nominations/Applications open until September 15, 2021

The ALA Philanthropic Advisory Group (PAG), founded in 2019, is seeking two new members for the for a term to begin immediately and end June 30, 2024. PAG’s charge is to advance the philanthropic/fundraising activities of the American Library Association (ALA), and to increase the level of external funding that supports the work of the Association. The Philanthropic Advisory Group (PAG) will advise and report to the ALA Executive Board on philanthropic projects and activities.

PAG will be growth-minded and promote scalable, sustainable strategic frameworks to optimize fundraising success for ALA. PAG will seek to ensure diversity of experiences, ethnic and racial diversity and representation from across the association and its divisions and roundtables.

Group Structure & Terms

  • There are eleven (11) PAG members that are selected based on a review of the qualifications provided in the application. The Director of the ALA Development Office serves as the liaison and ex-officio member of the PAG.
  • PAG members serve a three-year term, which can be renewed for one subsequent three-year term.

Membership Criteria   

  • PAG members must be members of ALA.
  • PAG members are expected to have a good working knowledge of philanthropy, either through their professional or personal activities.
  • It is preferred that PAG members have at least 5 or more years of professional experience in libraries or nonprofit management sectors.
  • The potential for conflicts of interest and overlap between professional and volunteer responsibilities is real and potential nominees should consider the possible ramifications. All PAG members will also be required to sign a confidentiality statement and the ALA Conflict of Interest form.

PAG Member Responsibilities

  • PAG has the following advisory responsibilities:
    • Drive more strategic coordination and cooperation of philanthropic activities within ALA.
    • Work with the ALA Development Office to expand and inculcate a culture of philanthropy and an integrated philanthropic mission association wide.
    • Work with the ALA Development Office to establish a set of strategic philanthropic initiatives.
    • Review a strategic plan for ALA philanthropic initiatives and directions on an annual basis.
    • Champion the effort to accomplish fundraising goals of the ALA Development Office, which could include participating in direct asks for contributions, participating in donor stewardship efforts, and other opportunities.
    • PAG members will be expected to participate in quarterly meetings as well as PAG activities that take place between formal meetings through subcommittee assignments, project groups, and other activities.


Nominations and applications should include the nomination/application form, a brief statement of interest in PAG and the philanthropic activities of ALA, along with a resume highlighting relevant skills and competencies. 


Please submit applications/nominations by September 15, 2021 via email.

Questions and applications should be submitted to the ALA Development Office:
Anne E. Manly
Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Development Office | American Library Association

The Development Office will share the nominations with the PAG nominating committee to review and recommend candidates to the Finance & Audit Committee of the ALA Executive Board for recommendations for final approval by the ALA Executive Board.