New from ACRL - “Creativity: A Toolkit for Academic Libraries"

For Immediate Release
Wed, 03/31/2021


Erin Nevius

Content Strategist


CHICAGO -  The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) announces the publication of "Creativity: A Toolkit for Academic Libraries" by Nancy Falciani-White, a guide to understanding and developing creativity in yourself, your library, and your institution.

Creativity is the ability to produce a product or idea that is both new and appropriate in a given context, and is essential for innovation, change, and employee satisfaction. Creativity is inherently human, a transferable skill that can be developed and that can improve an individual’s personal and professional life regardless of their level of artistic ability, education, or experience.

Academic libraries are often the first to face budget reductions, hiring freezes, and staff reductions when higher education encounters financial stress, and creativity can seem like either a luxury or an attempt to spur libraries to support the needs of their institution without adequate staff and funding. However, creativity is vital at all levels of the academic library if that library expects to adapt to the current challenges facing higher education. Change is necessary for adaptation, and creativity is essential for change.

"Creativity: A Toolkit for Academic Libraries" can help you create, encourage, and participate in an environment that is conducive to creativity, helping make change a more natural and organic part of the library’s culture. The first part, Understanding Creativity, looks at the psychology of creativity and its use in design thinking, innovation, research, and physical and social environments. The second, Creativity in Context, examines perspectives of library staff and creativity in academic library literature, and how to enhance personal creativity and foster it in your library.

Greater creativity in librarianship—and creating a culture that values trial and error along with successes—needs to be encouraged by those in library leadership, in the library profession more broadly, and in institutions of higher education. "Creativity: A Toolkit for Academic Libraries" can be the first step in developing your own creativity and advocating for it across your institution.

"Creativity: A Toolkit for Academic Libraries" is available for purchase in print and as an ebook through the ALA Online Store; in print through; and by telephone order at (866) 746-7252 in the U.S. or (770) 442-8633 for international customers.


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