Learn the Fundamentals of Cataloging with this Jan. 11 web course from Core

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Wed, 01/06/2021


Fred Reuland

Core Program Officer, Continuing Education

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Last chance to register for the Fundamentals of Cataloging web course that starts next week on January 11, 2021!

This six-week online course is a basic primer for library cataloging concepts and practices. It covers:

  • Principles underlying cataloging practice
  • Examples illustrating the principles in practice
  • Tools used in cataloging practice such as AACR2, RDA, Library of Congress Subject Headings, Library of Congress Classification, MARC, OCLC, BIBFRAME
  • Processes used by catalogers in creating bibliographic records

Fundamentals of Cataloging (FOC) begins with a discussion of how cataloging assists users in finding resources and of the value of standardization of practice. These foundations are then given practical grounding in the work of creating bibliographic descriptions, the process of subject analysis, and summarizing content utilizing classification. Standards such as MARC bibliographic and authority formats, Library of Congress Subject Headings and Library of Congress Classification are discussed. The shift in focus from format-based cataloging to entity-relationship model cataloging is taken from the FRBR foundation to the RDA practical application, with a final look at RDF triples and BIBFRAME. In all areas, the value of standards is illustrated and discussed. There is a heavy reliance on examples from actual practice throughout the course content.

2021 Sessions

  • Session 1:  January 11 – February 19
  • Session 2: March 22 – April 30
  • Session 3: May 31 – July 9
  • Session 4: August 2 – September 10
  • Session 5: October 11 – November 19

Format: Students receive login instructions one week prior to the course start date.  Students have 24/7 access to the course site for the six-week period, and aside from assignment and quiz deadlines, the course may be completed at their own pace.  Instructors provide guidance and feedback as students work their way through the course material.  Weekly, instructor-moderated chat sessions are the only live course events that students are asked to attend.

Weekly Chat Schedule:  The following times are tentative and may change according to instructor availability.

Week One: Thursday at 1:00 pm CDT
Week Two: Thursday at 1:00 pm CDT
Week Three: Thursday at 1:00 pm CDT
Week Four: Thursday at 1:00 pm CDT
Week Five: Thursday at 1:00 pm CDT
Week Six: Thursday at 1:00 pm CDT

Who Should Attend: As a fundamentals course, FOC is tailored for librarians and library support staff new to cataloging, librarians and library support staff from other units who want to know more about cataloging, and experienced cataloging librarians and library support staff seeking continuing education and networking opportunities.

Cataloging librarians in countries other than the U.S. and library school students or graduates developing skills to help get a job or identify areas of interest in library work may also benefit from this course.

Registration Fees: 

$43 - Core Member

$59 - Non-member

$129 - Groups

Free for Student Members

How to Register: Use This Link to Register Online and Search for the Event Date

ALA and Core are committed to supporting our members, staff, and all librarians and library workers during these uncertain times. We will continue to offer online learning opportunities and will do our best to accommodate the remote needs of our attendees. We will also continue to offer group registration, providing individual logins for each group member registered for Core webinars. Please contact Core with any questions or concerns.