Updated Caregivers Toolkit Available

For Immediate Release
Mon, 11/02/2020


Beatrice Calvin, MA, Counseling, CDF

Manager, Professional Development

Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR)/APA



The American Library Association's Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship (COSWL) announced the relaunch of its Caregivers Toolkit. The toolkit includes the following categories: General Resources, Caregiver Organizations, Caregiver Support, Employer Resources, Government Agencies, Library Resources, Webinars and Training, Research/Statistics, Articles and Grief Support. The recently updated and expanded Toolkit is intended to provide easy access to vital caregiver resources that benefit library workers caring for loved ones. This effort is part of ALA’s commitment to support library staff wellness and is made possible by members of the ALA Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship


At some point in a library workers’ career, he or she will be a caregiver, will work with someone who is a caregiver or will supervise a caregiver. Now more than ever, the issue of caregiving is relevant and timely to those employed in libraries today. The COVID-19 pandemic is complicating matters of care for families. It has forced many schools and libraries to close while also forcing many who have not lost their jobs, to work from home. Those who are parents  and/or caregivers are attempting to work as employees and teachers as they continue working as caregivers. Understanding the challenges of the caregiver role will become critical to most library staff. 


While the list of resources does not seek to be comprehensive, ALA members are invited to share feedback as well as additional links or materials by contacting caregiving@ala.org.


The ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR) serves as the liaison for the ALA Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship (COSWL).