Public Library Association, National Center for Families Learning grant aims to support increased Latinx parent participation in U.S. libraries

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Mon, 08/24/2020


Scott Allen

Deputy Director

Public Library Association

American Library Association

CHICAGO – On July 23, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) announced that the Public Library Association (PLA) and the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) received a planning grant under the National Leadership Grants for Libraries category. The grant, made to the American Library Association, is part of an IMLS $18.2 million investment in U.S. library initiatives, meant to support projects that address significant challenges and opportunities facing the library field and have the potential to advance theory and practice with new tools, research findings, models, services, practices, or alliances that will be widely used.

As one of the 38 projects selected, PLA and NCFL will receive $99,949 to develop and document methods for how library staff can support authentic Latinx parent participation. Working in three (urban, suburban, and rural) locations, PLA and NCFL will co-design a process to involve Latinx parents in creating services designed for them. The project will undertake an environmental scan and engage in community-based learning with library staff and parents. The intent is to generate strategies and practices for authentic parent participation and identify approaches and best practices that can be piloted on a national scale.

Family engagement is a shared responsibility among families, educators, and communities to support children’s learning and development. The potential for public libraries to support family engagement and family literacy is substantial, given their unique position in the community as free, accessible learning environments which serve all ages and their ability to address a wide range of caregiver needs, such as employment or access to social services. PLA has offered tools and training on family engagement to libraries since 2015, including publications such as Public Libraries: A Vital Space for Family Engagement and Ideabook: Libraries for Families. These tools offer a family engagement framework to help libraries move beyond family engagement as random, individual programs led by youth services staff toward systematically and strategically applying family engagement concepts to their work.

“Public libraries are doing incredible work to motivate and support parents to engage in their children’s education,” says Jo Giudice, Dallas Public Library Director and co-chair of the PLA Family Engagement Task Force. “With hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s even more critical to find new ways to engage all families, in person and virtually, and counter the COVID-19 learning slide. Libraries can help families facing new stresses, like loss of employment, overcome those challenges while also inspiring them to help their children learn.”

NCFL will bring three decades of pioneering family engagement programs and resources for low-income communities, training expertise, and facilitation of co-design work to inform the project. With NCFL’s deep expertise in family engagement and family literacy across multiple disciplines and PLA’s understanding of library programs and its national network, the two partners will work together to develop strategies to advance, spread, and sustain engagement of Latinx families in libraries.

“Latinx families can position themselves to thrive both now and in generations to come through increased engagement with libraries. Cultural barriers and misconceptions about libraries have historically served as barriers to access for Latinx families, and we must change this narrative. NCFL is excited to bring more than 30 years of experience engaging families through literacy to this project as we seek solutions together,” says Dr. Joshua Cramer, NCFL Executive Vice President.

The project, which will begin Sept. 1, 2020, will employ a co-design process, involving recipients of services in the creation of those services, to identify culturally responsive practices and resources that fully and authentically engage historically marginalized Latinx communities in library programs. This strategy aligns with components of the PLA family engagement framework urging libraries to “raise up” family voices, elevating family perspectives to develop and improve programs and services. The project will work with the Dallas Public Library, Arapahoe Libraries (Sheridan, Colo.), and Forest Grove City Library (Ore.) and Latinx families in their communities.

This project is made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services grant number LG-246412-OLS-20.

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