ALCTS Publishing explores geography and GIS library materials with its latest Sudden Selector’s Guide

For Immediate Release
Tue, 06/30/2020


Brooke Morris-Chott

Program Officer, Communications


CHICAGO— ALCTS Publishing has released its latest publication in the Sudden Selector’s Guide series, the Sudden Selector’s Guide to Geography and GIS. Authored by Carl Olson and Kim Ricker and edited by Helene Williams, this new guide provides the resources and information needed to successfully acquire and manage geography and geographic information systems (GIS) materials in libraries. Following an introduction that defines geography, the Sudden Selector’s Guide to Geography and GIS examines geography as a discipline, GIS, offers notable reference and map resources, as well as databases and journals, and gives tips for building on your expertise in geography and GIS. 

Spanning several chapters, the Sudden Selector’s Guide to Geography and GIS delves into what the field of geography encompasses, the intersections between geography and GIS librarianship, and the many types of maps that exist and how are they acquired, accessed, or manipulated. This volume provides a wide range of contextual and background information, from snapshots of current research in geography to descriptions of the tools used by those active in GIS. Learn about the interdisciplinary connections that stem from geography/GIS work, from political science to environmental studies to digital humanities. Lists of must-have reference sources, core journals and professional development tools will be helpful to those working in reference, collections or instructional capacities with geography or GIS-based users. 

Sponsored by the ALCTS Collection Management Section (CMS) the Sudden Selector's Guide series, is designed to help library workers become acquainted with the tools, resources, people and organizations that can help them develop collections in new or unfamiliar subject areas. Other guides in the series include the Sudden Selector’s Guide to Government Publications, Sudden Selector’s Guide to Business Resources, Sudden Selector’s Guide to Communication Studies Resources, Sudden Selector’s Guide to Chemistry Resources, Sudden Selector’s Guide to Biology Resources and Sudden Selector’s Guide to Physics Resources. Each of these guides is available in print and as a PDF in the ALA Store.

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