Big ideas to enrich libraries and their communities

For Immediate Release
Fri, 01/10/2020


Rob Christopher

Marketing Coordinator

ALA Publishing

American Library Association


CHICAGO — Curiosity, respect, goodwill, and unity: these are a few of what Plato calls “big ideas,” and they’re concepts that libraries can harness to enlighten humanity in the long-term and help solve problems in the short-term. The journey toward applying your potential starts with personal discovery. A guide for leaders and courageous followers from all types of libraries, “Inspired Thinking: Big Ideas to Enrich Yourself and Your Community,” published by ALA Editions, demonstrates how big ideas can serve as a foundation for core values, perspectives, and an energized mindset. Dorothy Stoltz and co-authors Morgan Miller, Lisa Picker, Joseph Thompson, and Carrie Willson:

  • explain how libraries of all types can help advance human achievement and the civilizing force of culture;
  • explore Plato’s definition of an idea, the role of thinking, and the importance of cultivating inspiration;
  • guide readers towards discovering big ideas and building bridges to them;
  • share ways to focus attention on the powerful potential of libraries, thereby fostering a healthy culture that activates the best in both staff and library users;
  • shine a light on the wonderful treasure trove of wisdom, awareness, and insights in the library’s stacks, both physical and virtual, that are waiting to be tapped; and
  • offer motivational quotes and stimulating insights that will spur library staff to nurture curiosity as part of a joyous quest for expanding awareness.

Stoltz is director for community engagement at the Carroll County (MD) Public Library. She is the coauthor of several books and articles for the American Library Association, including “Inspired Collaboration: Ideas for Discovering and Applying Your Potential.” With more than 35 years of experience in public libraries, she is active in the Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA), the Public Library Association (PLA), and the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC).

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