The Freedom to Read Foundation Announces Results of 2018 Board of Trustees Election

For Immediate Release
Mon, 05/14/2018


Yumeka Brown

Program Officer

Office for Intellectual Freedom

Freedom to Read Foundation


Last week the Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF) announced the results of the 2018 election for the Board of Trustees.  The following candidates will join the FTRF Board of Trustees following the June Freedom to Read Foundation meeting in New Orleans:  

Amanda Barnhart
Amanda Barnhart, a first-time FTRF trustee, has worked with youth in libraries for 15 years and has facilitated numerous programs on intellectual freedom for young adults. Amanda has experience in dealing with book challenges; during her involvement with the Missouri Association of School Libraries Gateway Award Committee, multiple titles were targeted on a Gateway Award list. She believes that working for a public library in an urban city could desensitize some to the possibility of a book challenge, until one remembers the vulnerability of local school libraries. Amanda’s experiences with book challenges has inspired her to re-address how she advocates for her community.



Herbert Krug

Herbert Krug
,a current trustee and past treasurer of the FTRF Board, has been elected to his second term. Herb has been an integral part of the organization since its inception and has used his financial and marketing experience to help it progress without disturbing its character. He is passionate about the history of the foundation and the need and ability to support its operations and reputation in the future.



James Neal
The foundation is pleased to welcome ALA President James G. Neal back to the FTRF Board. Intellectual freedom and privacy have been fundamental components of Jim’s professional life, and his membership and participation in the work of FTRF have been a core commitment. He believes passionately in the “freedom to” and the “freedom from.” Jim has worked with the FTRF Board to expand membership; bring in new funding; explore evolving issues; expand the diversity and inclusion in its work; and strengthen ties with ALA.  As a member of the FTRF Board, he is dedicated to continuing his work in these areas.



Calvin Reid
Calvin Reid, senior news editor of Publishers Weekly, has been elected to his first term with FTRF. He has reported on issues about the First Amendment and the freedom to read since he joined the magazine in the 1980s. Calvin also oversees the coverage of comics and graphic novel publishing; he was instrumental in introducing comics coverage at PW, a key factor in establishing the category in the general book trade. In 2006 at the annual Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards, he was awarded the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award for his longtime efforts in raising awareness and the business profile of graphic novel publishing in the general book trade.



Barbara Stripling
Former ALA President Barbara Stripling has also been elected to the Board of Trustees. Barbara has been dedicated to intellectual freedom throughout her professional career, from serving as a high school librarian, library administrator, and educator to serving in ALA on the Intellectual Freedom Committee, the LeRoy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund, and the presidency of both AASL and ALA. As president of ALA, she established two intellectual freedom initiatives with national impact: The Declaration for the Right to Libraries and the ALA Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.



About the Freedom to Read Foundation

The Freedom to Read Foundation is a non-profit legal and educational organization affiliated with the American Library Association. FTRF was created in 1969 with the following purpose; promoting and protecting the freedom of speech and of the press; protecting the public's right of access to information and materials stored in the nation's libraries; safeguarding libraries' right to disseminate all materials contained in their collections; and supporting libraries and librarians in their defense of First Amendment rights by supplying them with legal counsel or the means to secure it.

The Freedom to Read Foundation is managed by a board of 15 trustees, 11 elected and four ex officio. Terms are two years, and board members may serve two terms. Trustees meet twice a year in conjunction with ALA Midwinter and Annual meetings.

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