School Library Funding Press Kit

School Library Funding



Good school libraries are essential to a good education!

School libraries are considered a valued resource in many communities; however, funding cuts have resulted in the loss of school librarians, materials and technology training.

Why school libraries?


If children are to be prepared for their future, they must have access to information and learn to use it in meaningful and productive ways. Recommendations of the American Library Association include:

  • All school library media programs should be adequately funded to ensure that they include up-to-date collections in both print and electronic formats.
  • All students should have the benefit of trained school librarian, who can guide them in learning to use and understand a wide variety of information sources.
  • The school library program should be integrated with classroom curriculum so that students learn to make connections between subject areas, retrieve information and think independently.



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School Libraries in the News




 Map of the elimination of school library positions 

View A Nation Without School Librarians in a larger map

This map marks the cities, towns, communities, and states that have made the decision to either eliminate school library positions (indicated in blue) or require one school librarian to work with two (2) or more school library programs throughout the week (indicated in red).


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