National Library Workers Day Publicity Tool Kit

    National Library Workers DAy, ALA-APA

Tuesday, April 25, 2023 is National Library Workers Day (NLWD), a time to recognize library professionals for their expertise and leadership skills in transforming lives and communities through education and lifelong learning. The day also reminds the public that library workers serve as community compasses that lead users to endless opportunities for engagement, enrichment, and development. 

To show appreciation for library workers and the work they do throughout the year, library users are invited to Submit at Star by providing a testimonial about a favorite library employee at Check out these 10 Ways to Celebrate National Library Workers Day

Media contact: Raymond Garcia,

Press release: Nation to Celebrate Library Workers, April 25, 2023


Sample Press Release Template (Word doc)

Sample Proclamation (Word doc)

Flyer (Word doc)

Sample Letter to the Editor (Word doc)

Sample PSA Scripts (Word doc)



Celebrate the stars in your library! Recognize all library workers who make library service possible every day with an array of "Libraries Work Because We Do" merchandise.

Composite image of five merchandise items, each of them say "LIBRARIES WORK BECAUSE WE DO" and include the ALA-APA logo. The items left to right are: a blue tote bag with white font, a man wearing a gray t-shirt with blue and red font, a white water bottle with blue and red font, a woman wearing a red t-shirt with white font, and a red and white mug with blue and red font.