Important information concerning receipt of ALA election materials

Contact: Steve Zalusky

Manager of Communications,

ALA Public Information Office

(312) 280-1546


For Immediate Release

December 16, 2008

CHICAGO – For the first time, the American Library Association is holding virtually its entire election online. This means it is important for voters to check with their library information technology personnel or Internet service providers to make sure that spam filters will not prevent ALA from e-mailing the ballot forms.

Polls will open at 9 a.m. on March 17, 2009, CST for the American Library Association’s annual election. When the polls open, the ALA will notify voters by e-mail, providing them with their unique passcodes and information about how to vote online.

The ALA conducted a test e-mail in October. More than 3,000 e-mail transmissions bounced. The ALA has some reason to believe that several of the bounced e-mails are the result of spam filtering. It is important that members make sure well before the polls open that they are able to receive the e-mail transmission. Information needed to White List the election material e-mail:

From: ALA Election Coordinator

email address:

Subject: ALA 2009 Election Login Instructions

Voters with bounced e-mail addresses were sent a postcard advising them to update their e-mail address. Another e-mail test will be conducted in February. All addresses with bounced e-mails will be mailed a special letter on March 17, 2009, providing them with their unique passcodes and information about how to vote online.

To update your e-mail address, visit or e-mail (on the subject line, please state “update my e-mail address”). Please update your information prior to Feb. 10, 2009.

Members who are homebound and do not have Internet access will still receive paper ballots. They must contact ALA customer service.