ALA councilors elected

Contact: Lois Ann Gregory-Wood
Council Secretariat
ALA Governance Office
For Immediate Release
May 2, 2008

CHICAGO – Thirty-five members have been elected to the Council of the American Library Association (ALA). Thirty-three of those elected will begin their term at the conclusion of the 2008 ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, Calif., and extend through the end of the 2011 Annual Conference held in New Orleans. One councilor will serve a one-year term that begins immediately and extends to the end of the 2009 Annual Conference in Chicago.

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Elected councilors include:

  • Nancy H. Allen

  • Monika J. Antonelli

  • Kathleen E. Bethel

  • Mary Biblo

  • Christopher F. Bowen

  • Diedre (Dee) Conkling

  • Trevor A. Dawes

  • Aaron W. Dobbs (Serving one-year term)

  • Linda Friel

  • Carrie Gardner

  • Barbara A. Genco

  • Susan F. Gregory

  • Dolores D. Gwaltney

  • * Christine Lind Hage

  • Marilyn L. Hinshaw

  • Carol Ann Hughes

  • Ling Hwey Jeng
  • Wei Jeng-Chu

  • Margaret L. Kirkpatrick

  • Bonnie L. Kunzel

  • Stephen Matthews

  • Toni Negro

  • June A. Pinnell-Stephens

  • Linda Shippert

  • Sally Decker Smith

  • Carla J. Stoffle

  • Barbara K. Stripling

  • Julie Su

  • Eric D. Suess

  • John F. Szabo

  • Theresa A. Tobin

  • Linda J. Underwood

  • Lisa Von Drasek

  • Ann Carlson Weeks

  • Courtney L. Young

Four other Councilors also have been elected:

ALA Divisions

Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS)

Diane Dates Casey

Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA)

Charles Forrest

Public Library Association (PLA)

*Christine Lind Hage

ALA Round Tables

New Members Round Table

Jennifer Emanuel

One proposed bylaw amendment was approved.

  • ALA Bylaw Article III, Nominations and Elections Section 1(c), which shall now read: "Such committee shall nominate annually candidates for members-at-large of Council for three-year terms. The number of nominees shall not be fewer than one-and-one-half times the anticipated number of member-at-large vacancies to be filled at the next election." A new Section 1 (e) will read “The position of candidates on the ballot shall be randomized.” The current Section 1 (e) shall be renumbered (f).

A total of 16,727 votes were cast in the election. Council, Division and Round Table elections also were decided.

For complete election results please visit .

* Elected as ALA Councilor- at-Large and PLA Councilor, candidate will be seated as PLA Councilor.