For immediate release | September 6, 2023

Core Launches New Preservation Section

As Core enters its 4th year as an ALA division, we're celebrating our birthday by launching our new Preservation Section!

As with all our sections, Core members can join this one for free at any time. Thank you to those members who gave us feedback about the need to bring together seasoned professionals, new and emerging leaders, and anyone interested in preservation or who has preservation as a secondary responsibility.

The new section will address and improve all aspects of library preservation in all types of libraries. Examples of its work include but are not limited to:

  • Sharing best practices and knowledge related to preservation;
  • Identifying best practices for equity, diversity, and inclusion in the field of preservation;
  • Creation and input on standards and best practices for preservation of library content in all forms, including print, digital, audio, and moving images;
  • Fostering leadership development for preservation in Core and the field.

In the coming year, the Preservation Section Leadership Team will launch two new interest groups, Digital Preservation and Library Binding, so watch for announcements about these and other new opportunities in the section.

The first Preservation Section Leadership Team includes Jessican BItely (Boston Public Library), Mark Coulbourne (University of Maryland, College Park), Beth Doyle (Duke University William R. Perkins Library), Martha Horan (University Of Miami Libraries), Miram Nelson (Ohio University), Kim Knox Norman (Emory Libraries/Emory University), and Karen H. O'Connell (Arkansas State Library). Core thanks these members for their efforts to create a home in Core for those working and interested in preservation.

Core's other five sections focus on Access & Equity, Buildings & Operations, Leadership & Management, Metadata & Collections, and Technology.


Jenny Levine

Director of Advocacy, Connections, and Engagement

American Library Association

Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures