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Movies that answer the question 'What should I watch tonight?'

CHICAGO — Offering a smorgasbord of carefully cultivated lists, “Queue Tips: Discovering Your Next Great Movie” by Rob Christopher, is a new suggestion guide which incorporates classic films with more obscure selections for a full array of watch-worthy movies. This all-in-one recommendation source includes capsule reviews; director, cast and crew information; bits of trivia and quotable lines; and helpful tips on how to locate these and other intriguing movies. Notable guests such as Saturday Night Live alum Julia Sweeney, author Barry Gifford, Booklist publisher Bill Ott, musician and composer Ken Vandermark and librarian Zoe Trope contribute to the book’s inspired topical lists, which include:

  • Psycho, and Other Surprising Christmastime Movies;
  • Seven Reasons to Love Nicolas Cage;
  • Better Than the Book!;
  • Man ♥ Sheep, Teen ♥ 1958 Plymouth Fury, and Seven Other Unusual Romances;
  • Nine Westerns That Aren’t Westerns;
  • Movies Guaranteed to Make You Cry;
  • Great Movies for Tweens, Teens, and Other Kids under the Age of 99;
  • Ten Movies So Bad They’re Good.

"Fabulous Films for Young Adults," by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) and "DIY First Amendment Film Festival" by the Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) are among the other chapters. “Queue Tips: Discovering Your Next Great Movie” is published by Huron Street Press, a trade publishing imprint of the American Library Association, available through Independent Publishers Group as well as numerous traditional retail outlets in both print and e-book editions.

Christopher is a writer for as well as marketing coordinator for ALA Editions. He has written articles for such publications as the Chicago Reader and American Libraries and is the author of the book “100 Spinning Plates.” Coeditor of the documentary "Kosher Messiah," he is also an active contributor to CINE-FILE, an independent, nonprofit web resource.

In line with ALA’s mission to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all, Huron Street Press, a publishing imprint of the American Library Association, harnesses the expertise of the Association and encourages library use among the public. Huron Street Press is administered through ALA Editions, which publishes resources used worldwide by tens of thousands of library and information professionals to improve programs, build on best practices, develop leadership, and for personal professional development. ALA authors and developers are leaders in their fields, and their content is published in a growing range of print and electronic formats. Contact ALA Editions at (800) 545-2433 ext. 5418 or

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