For immediate release | November 13, 2012

Information services and digital literacy

CHICAGO — Presenting a new approach for understanding how information services help and hinder people in becoming informed, “Information Services and Digital Literacy: In Search of the Boundaries of Knowing,” published by Chandos Publishing and available through ALA Neal-Schuman, scrutinizes the role of information services and digital literacies in the age of the social Web. Author Isto Huvila argues that a central problem in the age of the social web and the culture of participation is that we do not know the premises of how we know, and in this book he closely examines the ways that interacting with information affects people’s actions. Among the topics he explores are:

  • How to conceptualize information services and digital literacy using the economy of “ordinary” knowledge as a framework;
  • The consequences of abundant technology;
  • Networking, with a look at participation versus nonparticipation, commercialism and freedom;
  • The different behaviors toward knowledge exhibited by the “born digital” or “new” user;
  • How information itself, and its abundance and scarcity, affects the ways in which we know things.

Huvila is a research fellow at the Department of Archival Studies, Library and Information Science and Museums and Cultural Heritage Studies at Uppsala University in Sweden. His work spans a broad range of topics, including information work, information management, knowledge organization, information service and information literacy in the context of the social Web.

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