For immediate release | October 18, 2010

How to stop house teardowns, architecture as a tool for social change and Lauren Myracle interview featured on @ your website

CHICAGO - An article about the blight of house teardowns and how you can stop them by Wanda Urbanska, how architecture is changing lives on five continents and an interview with Lauren Myracle, author of "ttyl" and "tttn," are featured at this week. The website provides information and recommends resources that everyone can take advantage of at their local library.

Other new content includes the discovery of never before heard jazz recordings from the 1930s; what the new health care law means to the public; the national effort to stop bullying; an interview with George Saunders, author of "Braindead Megaphone"; a visit with the librarian who helped create the historical realism of the hit TV series "Boardwalk Empire" and much more.

The Likely Stories blog features content on the new movie, "Secretariat." The Likely Stories blog, a new addition to the website, features Keir Graff and editors from Booklist's adult and youth departments, who write candidly about books, book reviewing and the publishing industry. Also you can read a Booklist review on "Conversations with Myself" by Nelson Mandela. is the website for the American Library Association’s public awareness campaign — the Campaign for America’s Libraries, which highlights the value of libraries and librarians and connects people to the free resources at their local library.

Prepared by librarians and other experts, new articles are uploaded regularly with how-tos and tips for parents, job seekers, teenagers, kids and a variety of other subjects, including the arts and entertainment. Recommended resources are linked to the WorldCat database, which provides a list of the nearest libraries where the recommended item can be accessed. Librarians can post the site’s content on their own websites and use in their newsletters.

“We encourage you to visit your local library to find out how you can use the abundant free resources available there,” said Mark R. Gould, editor-in -chief of the @ your library website.

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Mark Gould