For immediate release | October 6, 2010

GLBTRT compiles “Speaking OUT Against Bullying” resources

CHICAGO - In response to recent tragic events involving GLBTQ teens, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT) of the American Library Association (ALA) has compiled “Speaking OUT Against Bullying,” a list of resources for kids in trouble and the people who care about them.

Reports of several teen suicides resulting from bullying have brought national attention to the issues of violence and discrimination against GLBTQ teens and college students.

"Many of us in the Round Table are deeply troubled by these tragic events,” said GLBTRT Co-Chairs Anne Moore and Dale McNeill, in a joint statement on behalf of the roundtable. “In response, we want to turn our emotions into action. Time and again, we see the influence librarians have on our most vulnerable patrons. We have often heard from GLBT authors and activists about the importance libraries and librarians had in their journey to acceptance of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Librarians can make a small or huge difference in the lives of these patrons by creating a safe space and pointing out resources for these individuals to use when learning about themselves."

The “Speaking OUT Against Bullying” list is compiled by GLBTRT members and includes resources for teens, young adults and people that care about them.

To view the list, please visit:

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John Amundsen