For immediate release | June 9, 2022

Three-year research study suggests co-teaching significantly facilitates learner-centered instruction

CHICAGO – Newly published research from the American Association of School Librarians’ (AASL) peer-reviewed online journal, School Library Research (SLR), examines how school librarians and classroom teachers co-teach to facilitate learner-centered instruction, including inquiry and maker learning. Articles can be accessed for free at 

Kyungwon Koh, Xun Ge, and Julia Burns Petrella, present a three-year research study with school librarians and teachers who worked together throughout the instructional processes in the recently published “Librarian-Teacher Co-Teaching and the Role of School Librarians in Facilitating Inquiry and Maker Learning.”

The research team reports that co-teaching occurred through co-planning prior to and throughout the units. School librarians are reported to have used various instructional methods such as scaffolding, modeling, mentoring, and coaching. Classroom teachers are reported to have brought differing expertise as the content-area experts. The co-teaching relationships evolved over time, and the findings suggest school librarian-classroom teacher co-teaching significantly facilitates learner-centered instruction in schools.

School Library Research (ISSN: 2165-1019) is the successor to School Library Media Research (ISSN: 1523-4320) and School Library Media Quarterly Online. The journal is peer-reviewed and indexed by H. W. Wilson's Library Literature and by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology. It welcomes manuscripts that focus on high-quality original research concerning the management, implementation, and evaluation of school libraries.

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Allison Cline

Deputy Executive Director

American Association of School Librarians (AASL)