For immediate release | August 18, 2021

Transforming print collections at academic libraries

CHICAGO — The trend in academic library collections is toward shared print collections and off-site storage. While that might seem to presage the death of print in academic collections, it also serves as a golden opportunity for innovation and experimentation—to develop a vision for a future in which the academic library print collection engages and inspires its communities as never before. “Transforming Print: Collection Development and Management for Our Connected Future,” published by ALA Editions in collaboration with Core Publishing, explores how to transform print throughout the collections lifecycle, from selection to management to disposition. Editors Lorrie McAllister and Shari Laster led Arizona State University’s Future of Print project, an initiative focused on fostering engagement with print collections by emphasizing unique local holdings of interest to their community. In this collection they share their experiences alongside a range of contributors at other institutions, spotlighting the ways in which people and books are central to fulfilling the library’s educational mission. This book’s case studies discuss:

  • the "Open Stacks" concept and methodologies being developing at ASU;
  • what we can learn from browsing behaviors;
  • haptic learning and information literacy;
  • new pathways for print collections such as indie tarot decks;
  • Latin American collections in American research libraries;
  • the St. Louis Model for Shared Regional collection as an approach for arranging cooperative FDLP collections outside consortial settings;
  • efforts toward increasing inclusion in library collections at the University of Denver;
  • an overview of the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance and the Partnership for Shared Book Collections; and
  • an open digital future for the Library of Congress.

McAllister is Associate University Librarian for Collection Services and Analysis at Arizona State University, where she is responsible for information resources services related to all segments of the print and digital collections lifecycle, including facilitation of access to information resources through selection, acquisition, licensing, description, management, access, and preservation. She also advocates for strategic initiatives and projects through establishing partnerships, working with collaborators, and writing grants. Laster is the Head of Open Stack Collections at Arizona State University Library. She has extensive prior experience as a government information librarian.

The former Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS), the Library Information Technology Association (LITA), and the Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) are now Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures, a new division of ALA. Its mission is to cultivate and amplify the collective expertise of library workers in core functions through community building, advocacy, and learning.

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