For immediate release | October 28, 2020

ALA decries latest FCC failure on net neutrality

WASHINGTON, DC — On Tuesday, October 27, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) majority approved an order responding to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit's remand in Mozilla v. FCC. The court ordered the FCC to address the impact of its Restoring Internet Freedom Order, particularly the Order’s reclassification of broadband Internet access service on three key issues: 1) public safety; 2) competitive access to pole attachments; and 3) support for the agency’s Lifeline program, which provides broadband subsidies for low-income Americans.

The FCC's Order on Remand affirms the 2018 Restoring Internet Freedom Order concluding that any harm to consumers is outweighed by the benefits for the broadband industry of deregulation. The American Library Association (ALA) stands firm in its support for net neutrality and issued the following statement from ALA President Julius Jefferson:

“Yesterday’s majority vote is the latest example of the FCC shirking its responsibility to ensure broadband equity and Open Internet protections for all. ALA and library workers nationwide will continue our advocacy with Congress, the FCC, and the courts to preserve net neutrality. This fight is not over—not by a long shot.”

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