For immediate release | September 14, 2020

The Prison Library as an Agent of Rehabilitative Change

CHICAGO - Many prisoners regret their criminal behavior and resolve to change their ways. Few places in the prison offer a more exciting opportunity to get inmates invested in lasting rehabilitative change than the prison library, yet many Departments of Correction undervalue the changed-based potential of both library and Librarian as vital pieces of the rehabilitative puzzle.

Register today for this upcoming course "The Prison Library as an Agent of Rehabilitative Change" and learn ways to advocate for the library as a program environment (as opposed to being a simple management tool). Additionally, library-based programs such as consequential thinking, book discussions, writing-as-therapy, humor-as-therapy in the correctional environment, and the respectful treatment of women will be examined.

The instructor, William Mongelli of Massachusetts Correctional Institution, will share examples of course materials, curricula, and post-program data analysis. Since his nine-month internship in prison library management through the University of Pittsburgh in 1985, Bill has worked as a librarian for the Massachusetts Department of Correction (DOC), taught inmates Lexis research skills, consequential thinking, humor-as-therapy, book discussions and ABE library orientation. He has given DOC workshops on legal research, prison library history, and constructive workplace humor. Since 2001, Bill has taught both in-person and online courses in prison library management for San Jose State University

This course is current professional prison libraries; library Science students interested in prison librarianship; professional librarians with a strong interest in services to prisoners ; and public librarians who are motivated to partner with prison librarians to expand library services to prisoners.

The 5-week course begins on Monday, September 28, 2020! Register here today!


Ninah Moore

Program Officer-Continuing Education